Hussain talks

Research dissemination is an active part of our work. Here are some of the lectures and conference events we are preparing for:

Muzammil M. Hussain:

Jönköping International Business School
Title: “Transnational Communication Regimes”
Sponsors: Media Management and Transformation Centre
Time: September, 2012
Place: Jönköping, Sweden

International Political Science Association
Title: “Connecting Digital Diasporas: The Role of Broadcast Media and Social Media Networks in the Arab Spring”
Sponsors: E-Revolution and Pluralism in Countries of the 2011 ‘Arab Spring:’ Egypt and Tunisia panel
Time: July, 2012
Place: Madrid, Spain

Heinrich Böll Foundation
Title: “Digital Media and Democratization”
Sponsors: New Media in the Context of International Democratization Movements Workshop
Time: April, 2012
Place: Berlin, Germany

Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Title: “Voices of the Censored: Learning to Live or Die with Internet Censorship or Tearing Down the Walls?”
Sponsors: Global Voices, Stockholm Internet Forum
Time: April, 2012
Place: Stockholm, Sweden

Lebanese American University
Title: “The Digital Scaffolding of Civil Society: Information Infrastructure as Politics
Sponsors: Department of International Relations
Time: March, 2012
Place: Beirut, Lebanon

MIT Media Lab’s Center for Civic Media
Title: “Truthiness in Digital Media Hack-Day”
Sponsors: Massachusetts Institute for Technology
Time: March, 2012
Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society
Title: “Truthiness in Digital Media Symposium”
Sponsors: Harvard University
Time: March, 2012
Place: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Instituto Itau Cultural
Title: “Beyond the Diametric Dichotomy: The Role of Participatory Media in the Arab Spring”
Sponsors: MediaOn 2011 — 5th International Seminar on Journalism Online
Time: November 22-24, 2011
Place: Sao Paulo, Brazil

Uppsala University
Title: “Al Jazeera and Citizen Journalists: The Intersection of Broadcast and Social Networks in the Arab Spring”
Sponsors: Department of Informatics and Media
Time: September 12, 2011
Place: Uppsala, Sweden

University of Louisville
Title: “Digital Network Interventions by Southeast Asian Regimes, 1995-2011″
Sponsors: Center for Asian Democracy
Time: August 24-25, 2011
Place: Louisville, Kentucky

University of Wisconsin
Title: “Democracies Born Digital: Emerging Information Societies and the Management of Wired States”
Sponsors: School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Time: March 3, 2011
Place: Madison, Wisconsin