Project collaborators have developed a range of data for our work, and we believe in making our data available to others.

  1. ICT Diffusion and Distribution Dataset, 1990-2007
    This dataset covers the years 1990 through 2007 and contains two types of indicators for the global distribution of information, communication and technology (ICT) resources. The data includes gini coefficients for the distribution of Internet access within countries, and a technology diffusion index that weights the distribution of broadband subscribers, personal computers, mobile phones, Internet users, and international Internet bandwidth by economic output. The data are secondary source data, based on the analysis of primary data from 204 surveys fielded in 47 countries from around the developing world. [Download from the ICPSR] [Download Local]
  2. Blogger Arrests In the Muslim World, 2002-2010
    This is a list of known blogger arrests, as reported in English language media over the last 8 years.  Current as of 1st quarter of 2010.  [Download Excel Spreadsheet]
  3. Data Profile of Major Political Parties (To Come)
    This dataset includes the name of major political parties, minor political parties, political alliances and social movements, the URL for these groups if known, the traceroute history if the URL is known, link structure, and volume of online content in megabytes. [To Come]
  4. When do States Disconnect Digital Networks? (1995-2011)
    This dataset includes documentation on incidents where states interfered with digital networks for political reasons. The case information includes information on country, year, description, PolityIV ranking, level of severity of interference and more. [Download Excel Spreadsheet]